Investor & Finance Outreach Programs

Impact & Sustainability-Focused Investor & Finance Outreach Programs

For Startups and Established Commercial Sector Organizations in Expansion Mode
NETZERO’s Investor and Finance Outreach Program provides more than startup and commercial expansion and promotion, funding options, and VC introductions. This program offers strategic implementation of government and public relations, media outreach, and thought leadership that expedites the proliferation of brand, strategic alliance formations, technological developments, and international trade programs.
NETZERO’s Investor & Finance Outreach Programs assists organizations with the following international trade and expansion-focused strategies:
  • x10 Investor & Finance Outreach
  • Inclusion in Domestic & International Infrastructure Project and Finance Packaging
  • Customized Virtual Roadshows
  • Domestic & International Trade Missions (Live & Virtual)
  • Thought Leadership Promotion:
  • Media Outreach & PR
  • Keynotes & Expert Panel Participation at Live and Virtual Events
  • Strategic Partnership and Joint Venture Outreach and Exploratory Meetings
  • Research and Whitepaper Promotion
  • International Government & Commercial Relations
  • Targeted Audiences:
  • Family Office
  • Venture Capital
  • Infrastructure Finance
  • M&A and IPO
  • Customized Programs Available and Much More!

Enroll Your Company in our Free NETZERO Incubator.

Schedule a Call with one of our NETZERO Ambassadors and we’ll do a complete analysis of your company’s carbon footprint that includes tiers 1, 2, and 3. This is a free service provided by a grant from the Embassy Row Project.