ENVIROTECH Accelerator

ENVIROTECH Accelerator

NETZERO’s Virtual ENVIROTECH Accelerator Provides the X-Factor for Startups Fresh Out of Incubators and Gearing Up For Launch or Accelerator Application Outreach.

The ENVIROTECH Accelerator assists tech startups in the Envirotech, CCS, CCU, and Carbon Sequestration arenas.

We provide the following dynamic solutions that prepare startups to become catalysts in the EnviroTech Space:
  • Virtual Curriculum, Mentorship, Collaborations, and NetworkingGo-to-Market Programs with
  • Rapid Internationalization through International Government and
  • Commercial Stakeholder Connectivity.
  • Startup Ecosystem & Innovation Hub
  • Investor Outreach and Pitch Sessions
  • Thought Leadership:
  • Media Outreach and Promotion
  • Public Speaking and Expert Panel Opportunities (Live & Virtual)
  • Research Socialization Among Congressional and Embassy Stakeholders
  • and more!
  • Strategic Alliance & Partnership Introductions
  • Commercial Project Connectivity and Finance
  • International Business Development and Networking
  • and much more!

The ENVIROTECH Accelerator places promising environment and sustainability-focused technologies in a position to gain traction, build value, and stand out before entering the competitive accelerator application phase of their launch. Member-sponsored grants and scholarships are available.

Enroll Your Company in our Free NETZERO Incubator.

Schedule a Call with one of our NETZERO Ambassadors and we’ll do a complete analysis of your company’s carbon footprint that includes tiers 1, 2, and 3. This is a free service provided by a grant from the Embassy Row Project.