Research & Distribution Program

NETZERO Research & Distribution Program

Global Reach, Accelerated Socialization, Real Impact, & Powerful Results.
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Even the most groundbreaking research struggles to find its audience. Typically a whitepaper is authored, opened to peer review, published in an obscure academic journal, and at best, is used as a citation in other whitepapers that follow the same down spiral trajectory. The NETZERO Research & Distribution Program custom tailors an outreach and distribution strategy that will optimize readership, media coverage, public and private stakeholder interactions, and overall utilization of the research, its findings, and the proactive measures and solutions it promotes
  • Targeted Niche-Focused Distribution
  • Short & Long Term Promotion to 100s or 1000s of Readers
  • International Socialization Among Public & PrivateSector Stakeholders
  • National Press Club (Live & Virtual) Briefing to Promote Findings
  • Author Thought Leadership Promotion Campaign
  • Media Outreach & PR
  • Government &
  • Commercial Advisory Creation
  • NETZERO Incubator and/or Accelerator Connectivity
  • and much more!

Our goal is to unify your research with the most surgically targeted audience members and to offer programs where your new readers can most efficiently utilize your information through the above-mentioned reinforcement strategies. NETZERO offers whitepaper and article research and authoring services. Custom programs are also available.

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